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Surface 604 is known for building high quality electric bikes that offer consumers premium features like torque sensors, color displays and hydraulic brakes at very affordable prices. For the summer, the company sent us its Colt commuter workhorse so we could drive it around town to see what it’s capable of.

Since I’m 6’2 “myself, the Surface 604 sent me the medium / large frame size of 19.5”, which is intended for riders from 5’8 “to 6’6”. It’s also available in a 17.5 “small / medium frame size optimized for riders from 5’2” to 5’7 “. The medium / large frame is very comfortable and can definitely support taller riders thanks to the adjustable satori -Stem that allows the handlebars to be raised and lowered by quickly loosening a few screws.

Disclaimer: Surface 604 sent the Colt to the author free of charge for the purpose of this review.

If you’re familiar with the Surface 604, you may recognize the Colt as the higher tier version of the mid-step rook. Both bikes have an integrated luggage rack and a pair of road-friendly 27.5 “x 2.4” smooth-rolling tires, with the main differentiator being the Colt’s higher step frame. It has the look of a standard high-step bike, but the angled top tube gives it a much more accessible standover height of 28.5 “for the S / M frame and 30” for the M / L frame.

We assemble (and disassemble) just about every single bike we review, and assembling the Surface 604 bikes we’ve tested so far has been a breeze. The Colt was no exception, because the bike was completely packed to completely assembled in around 20 minutes. It’s incredibly quick, and most people should expect to spend about an hour unpacking and assembling it. If you are unfamiliar with basic bike assembly, including mounting the front rim to the forks and attaching the pedals, it is a good idea to speak to your local bike dealer beforehand to see if they can help you. Most can and want to.

Surface 604 Colt electric bike

The Colt takes the solid 500 watt motor and 14 Ah battery pack from the Surface 604 and turns it into a bicycle platform for commuters. For our review, the company added their updated 20Ah battery, which is available as an upgrade option when purchased for an additional $ 300. It can also be purchased a la carte from the Surface 604 for a staggering $ 1,199. The 20 Ah package uses Samsung’s latest and greatest 21700 cells and can support up to 105 km per charge.

We put the Colt’s range to the test with a 37 mile ride going uphill for most of the front half of the ride, which gives us the perfect excuse to increase the pedal assistance to 3 for nearly ten miles . At the end of the ride, we absolutely abused the bike with 600 feet of elevation gain in less than a mile up the hill. The Colt and its 20 Ah extended range battery barely blinked on the hills, with an impressive 60% charge remaining after all was said and done. It’s easy to imagine getting way more kilometers of range on a charge than the stated 65 miles, but you only live once, so why not turn up the assistance?

Surface 604 Colt electric bike

Riding the Colt is a wonderful experience. The oversized 27.5 ″ x 2.4 ″ Kenda Kwick tires ensure a surprisingly smooth ride that virtually eliminates the need for additional suspension on the bike. But this is not your average commuter bike. The Surface 604 has a very powerful, adjustable Suntour XCM fork built into the front end, which makes it easy to optimize the driving experience with just a turn of a dial for a bit more comfort.

The Selle Royale Freeway saddle created a good mood where people and bicycles met for short trips to the local YMCA as well as long-distance trips lasting several hours. I’d probably still add a suspension seat post, but that’s more because I’m spoiled than the bike isn’t comfortable.

Surface 604 Colt electric bike

Comfort is important, but the Colt doesn’t just rock the comfort package. The Colt offers a range of components that raise the bar for the masses of quality e-bikes on the market today with one of the most intuitive electric powertrains we’ve ever tested. This is mainly due to the use of a hyper-accurate sensor suite that provides 104 cadence pulses per revolution and 1,000 torque samples per second. This high-precision sensor system translates into pedaling assistance from the 500-watt continuous / 750-watt peak power motor, which starts up when you actually need it, how you need it, and fades away just as seamlessly.

On the mechanical side of things, the Colt has Tektro Auriga hydraulic brakes that clip on 18omm calipers with a 9-speed SRAM X5 system in the rear. The trigger shifters make shifting mindless while you fly through the gears without looking.

Surface 604 Colt electric bike

Overall, the Surface 604 Colt is another extremely well-put together e-bike that offers commuters a healthy balance of comfort and efficiency. The integrated luggage rack, front and rear Büchel LED lights and a set of fenders make this an easy choice for riders looking for a new daily rider on just two wheels.

This quality and seamless integration of all systems on the bike is a beauty and something we appreciate more and more with every Surface 604 bike we ride. The combination of high-quality components and the most intuitive electric drivetrain makes the Colt our most popular mountain-style commuter e-bike of the year 2021.

To learn more about the Surface 604 Colt or to buy one for yourself, go to its online home page or browse the full specifications below.

Surface 604 Colt electric bike specifications

  • engine: 500 W continuous (750 W peak) Bafang brushless gear hub motor with 65 Nm torque
  • Support modes: Torque sensor for pedal assistance and a throttle valve
  • Top speed: Comes as Class 2 with a 20 mph (32 km / h) top speed. Can be unlocked for off-road use as a class 3 e-bike: 45 km / h.
  • battery: 48V 14Ah / 672Wh with Samsung 18650 cells. Can be upgraded to 48V 20Ah / 960Wh with Samsung 21700 cells ($ 300)
  • area: Up to 72 km with the 14 Ah battery, up to 105 km with the upgraded 20 Ah battery.
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours for a full charge from empty
  • advertisement: 3.5 inch color LCD display with micro USB connector
  • fork: SR Suntour XCM 27.5 80mm suspension fork with lockout
  • transmission: 9-speed SRAM X5 system with 12-34T rear cassette
  • Brakes: Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes with 180 mm rotors
  • Frame material: 6061 aluminum alloy
  • lighting: Integrated Büchel LED lighting front and rear
  • tires: Kenda Kwick 27.5 “X 2.4” with reflective border
  • Driver height: S / M frame: 5’2 “-5’7”, M / L frame: 5’8 “- 8’8”
  • weight: 58-61 lb
  • Weight capacity: 285 pounds (130kg)
  • included supply: Welded luggage rack, adjustable side stand

All picture credits: Kyle Field, CleanTechnica

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