The Himiway Escape Electric Bike – CleanTechnica Review

The Himiway Escape is a moped-style e-bike with a fixed seat and double suspension. It’s designed to make it easy for riders of all fitness levels to get around on an electric bike, and after riding it around town for a couple of weeks, we totally agree.

First and foremost, the Escape is designed as a moped-style bike. It starts with an extremely durable full suspension frame with a tight, motorcycle-style fit. The design makes it super easy to just hop on the bike and throttle towards your destination. A small luggage rack protrudes from behind the single passenger seat, giving owners the option of adding a seat extension for a second passenger, a basket or a few panniers.

Himiway offers a wide range of accessories for its bicycles, with which you can easily equip them ex works for delivery, for commuting or just for everyday use. We loved how easy it was to just jump on the escape and explore the city. Rides to the park with the family were a breeze and a joy. It really is an e-bike workhorse with an extremely low barrier to entry.

The 750 watt rear hub motor packed a lot of power to drag us and our gear around, and the Escape was built for use. With a carrying capacity of 330 pounds, it could easily carry my wife and I around town. It might not sound like much, but the ability to quickly get on a bike for two makes it easy to pick up groceries, have coffee, or visit the library.

Himiway Escape Electric Bike

And really, that’s pretty much the best thing an electric vehicle can do to electrify mass transit: electrify as many miles as possible. If you throw a basket or a cargo bag on the luggage rack, the Escape turns into a not-so-slim, green transport machine. It’s the perfect facility for walking into the store to buy enough groceries for dinner or for a week.

In our tests, the Escape held up well on the range front, easily pulling me around 25 miles per charge, with no support from my weak legs. When I cranked up my contribution to the procession, I was able to cover the same 25 miles with about half the battery remaining. When I scale my experience, the Escape is on the right track for the Himiway estimates of ~ 45 miles per charge, and that’s a very healthy range to cover most daily trips.

Himiway Escape Electric Bike

As a 6’2 ”, 200 pound man, I found the Escape to be an extremely comfortable bike to ride around town but not great for pedaling. It is very similar to the three little bears. It might be just right for a couple of people, but it will be a little too big or a little too short for people on either end of the ideal height. I loved how the BMX style cruiser handlebar gave the bike a wide range of adjustment for handlebar height and front-to-back position.

We found it most convenient to use the pedals to get the bike moving and to quickly follow with a burst of gas to set everything in motion. It’s deceptively easy to drive and we had to keep reminding ourselves how easy it was to get to 20 mph. Safety first, my friends.

Himiway Escape Electric Bike

The Escape comes with a set of integrated LED front and rear lights to improve driving safety at any time of the day. The taillight is nice and bright and the dual-beam front headlight is the brightest and most brilliant e-bike headlight we’ve ever seen.

On the comfort side of things, the Escape has a fixed-height seat that makes cruising the city with the gas pedal a breeze. The oversized 20 “x 4” tires absorb most of the minor bumps on the road, with dual front and rear suspensions working together to cushion larger bumps. The result is an extremely comfortable driving experience that makes it fun to drive whether you are pedaling or not.

Himiway Escape Electric Bike

When it comes time to slow down, the Escape is equipped with a set of hydraulic front and rear brakes that give the 180mm rotors a calming grip.

Overall, the Himiway Escape offers an impressive amount of functionality for its $ 1,699 price tag. Most moped-style electric bikes with this much horsepower skyrocket the $ 2,000 price tag, but Himiway manages to pack a comparable amount of bikes at a much more attractive price point.

For all of the juicy details on the Himiway Escape or to order one, head over to its online homepage.

Himiway Escape E-Bike Specifications

  • engine: 750 watt brushless rear hub motor
  • battery: 48 V, 14 Ah, 672 Wh removable frame integrated battery
  • Range: 45+ miles per charge
  • Help: 5 levels of pedal assistance + right-mounted rotary control
  • Loading time: 6-7 hours
  • Frame material: 6061 aluminum
  • lighting: Integrated LED headlights front and rear
  • tires: 20 ″ x 4 ″ Kenda fat tires
  • Brakes: Hydraulic 180 mm disc brakes front and rear
  • transmission: 7-speed Shimano Altus-based system with 14-28 teeth rear wheel cassette
  • Weight capacity: 330 lb
  • Weight: 92 lb
  • price: $ 1,699

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