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Fiido has a number of innovative foldable electric bikes and we were fortunate enough to get our hands on the brand new Fiido L3 to see what it can do in some real world tests. On the surface, the L3 is a compact foldable electric bike that comes with a beautifully comfortable cruiser saddle and a massive battery.

As a folding bike, the L3 arrives almost fully assembled. We spent a few minutes unpacking and getting it out of the box and we were up and running in no time. Folding the bike in and out is a simple matter of lowering the seat post, folding the handlebar stem down vertically, and finally folding the entire frame in half. It is a quick process, although it does result in a floppy package. The more compact size makes it easier to stow the L3 in a trunk or on a shelf in the garage compared to traditional bicycles.

Driving the Fiido L3 was a lot more fun than we expected. Thanks to its flexible folding bike design, the handlebars and seat height can be easily adjusted up and down to meet the needs of a wide range of riders. At 6’2 ″, I’m well at the top of compatibility with the bike and I was impressed when my two young sons were able to ride it comfortably after a few quick adjustments.

Fiido L3 foldable electric bike

Due to the massive 23.3 Ah battery, the bike is heavier than it should be. Most full-size e-bikes are equipped with 14 Ah batteries, folding e-bikes of this size with batteries in the range of 7-9 Ah.

The battery itself defines the L3, with the entire bike designed as a long-distance cruiser bike. Fiido estimates that with a long range, the L3 can achieve an astonishing range of 150 miles per charge. A reasonable amount of work is required from the rider to achieve this range, but let’s face it, it’s not likely that anyone will ride the L3 (or any other bike) that far in a single day.

Fiido L3 foldable electric bike

It is more realistic that the massive battery is used on this single-speed bike in order to offer greater support on shorter distances. We drove up and down the steep hills in the neighborhood with the L3 on our test tracks, on errands through the city, and still hardly affected the capacity of this massive battery. The battery is enlarged by the fact that the power only drives a 350 watt motor. It is more than sufficient for the task and hardly swallows the electrons in comparison to the massive power consumption of the US maximum 750 watt motors.

The L3’s status as a cruiser bike is further cemented by its luxurious seat. It’s more rectangular in shape than a traditional seat and is packed with comfort. A mix of foam on top and springs on the bottom makes for a very comfortable ride for such a compact seat. It won’t win any accolades for ease of pedaling, but it allows for adequate leg movement.

Fiido L3 foldable electric bike

At the top is a left-hand controller with an easy-to-read LCD screen that highlights speed. It is easy and intuitive to switch the bike on and off and to set the pedal assistance mode from three different assistance levels. A pair of external buttons have been added to control the front light and add a pretty loud front horn. I appreciate the added safety features as they make cycling safer in all conditions.

Speaking of safety, the L3 comes with a pair of mechanical disc brakes that slow the bike down a lot. A set of front and rear lights on the bike are wired directly to the battery, so they don’t need to be charged and are quite bright. The bike also comes with a set of mudguards to make commuting even easier.

Fiido L3 foldable electric bike

Overall, the Fiido L3 is an impressive entry into the foldable electric bike segment with an unprecedented range per charge. It would be at home in any RV without worrying about how charged the battery is. The comfortable seat and small rear rack make it a suitable option for commuting to and from work, running errands in the city or going to the gym.

The L3 is on the heavier side of compact foldable electric bikes, but that’s just the trade-off that comes with such a massive battery. It’s impressive that Fiido can sell this bike for the current price of $ 999, considering how many features there are in it.

Visit Fiido’s website for more information on the L3 or to order one.

Disclaimer: This review was sponsored by Fiido.

Fiido L3 Foldable Electric Bike SpecificationsSpec

  • engine: 350 watt rear hub motor
  • battery: 48V, 23.2Ah
  • Range: Up to 250 km range per charge
  • Weight: 53 lb (24 kg)
  • Weight capacity: 165 lb (75 kg)
  • Top speed: 25 km / h
  • price: currently on sale for $ 999, regular price $ 1,099

All picture credits: Kyle Field, CleanTechnica

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