Fiido X electric bike for the cheapest e-bike with torque sensor

Fiido has launched a range of foldable electric bikes that have made incremental improvements each time based on user feedback. Now the company’s latest model, the Fiido X, has been introduced with several interesting and unprecedented features.

On the surface, the Fiido X looks very similar to the Fiido D11 e-bike, which only came onto the market a year ago.

We tested and approved this bike during its initial launch, although we’ve identified a few areas where it could be improved.

Now the Fiido X seems to have drawn on feedback from many testers like us to develop a new generation of the company’s flagship folding e-bike.

As Fiido’s founder and CEO Keven Wang explained:

“Our fans made several suggestions for improvement, such as smoothing the welds, simplifying the bike’s wiring, adding anti-theft functions for the battery and upgrading the pedal assistance with a torque sensor to provide a better riding experience. ”

Each of these components can now be found on the newly introduced Fiido X.

The features that made the original Fiido D11 stand out are still there, such as the relatively minimalist frame and the battery built into the seat post.

But the components have been improved, the magnesium alloy frame now gets an interesting new locking mechanism and the battery gets its own upgrade.

The frame’s folding mechanism is almost completely hidden – a clear departure from the often bulky latches found on many other e-bikes in this price range.

Behind the battery, there is now a keyboard for a lock, which increases the security of the bike – but also probably makes it more difficult to remove. For drivers living in a high crime area, this could be a reasonable compromise.

And perhaps crucial for riders who live in hilly areas, a torque sensor has been added to improve the pedaling assistance of the bike. Torque sensors ensure a more immediate response from the motor and also offer more natural pedaling assistance, especially when starting and going uphill.

Fiido has also released a new smart app that allows riders to integrate the bike and its functions with their smartphone.

We don’t have exact technical specifications yet, although the company says these should be available soon before the pre-order period starts. However, we expect the motorcycle to meet Class 2 limits in the United States, including a top speed of 20 mph (32 km / h). European models are likely to have a lower limit of 15.5 mph (25 km / h) and will not have a throttle due to stricter EU regulations.

The Fiido X ships with a listed MSRP of $ 1,999 when it opens for pre-orders next month, which feels a bit high for specs. But during pre-order, the bike will be available for only $ 999. At this price, it is well below many other lightweight folding e-bikes on the market.

The pre-sale is conducted on Indiegogo, which does not entail a shortage of luggage. While some high profile micro-mobility crowdfunding projects have left potential backers with a bad taste, Fiido has successfully delivered thousands upon thousands of e-bikes in nearly a dozen different models.

As with most crowdfunding projects, it wouldn’t be surprising if the company exceeded its schedule. But companies with positive track records like this usually always deliver…. in the end.

While we wait for the pre-order phase to open, you can see the previous version of this bike in action in my Fiido D11 test video below.

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