EUNORAU Specter S test report: legally bombed (downhill)

EUNORAU, the manufacturer of large and larger electric bicycles, is breaking new ground for its customers and its company. The Specter S is its new flagship electric bike, built to conquer rough terrain and bomb it with equal grace. There are improvements as the company’s first foray into a new segment of the industry, but this solid addition should grab the college team’s attention.

There are an abundance of all-terrain electric bikes on the market today, and an even greater number of electric bikes that tick off the dual suspension.

Some of them can get along, others are made for looks, and some of them stand out from the crowd.

The Specter S stands out for me with a high-quality frame, an extremely powerful motor and a dual battery option.

EUNORAU Specter S video test

EUNORAU Specter S quick specifications

  • Engine: Bafang M620 1000w center drive
  • Battery: 48v 14ah internal battery
  • Top speed: 35 mph (56 km / h)
  • Area: (Highly variable) 12 to 80 miles (19 to 128 km)
  • Fork: Inverted air suspension
  • Frame: Rear air suspension
  • Tire: 26 ″ x 4 ″ fat tires
  • Transmission: Sram 11 Speed ​​11 to 42 teeth cassette
  • Brakes: Double piston 180 mm hydraulic
  • Extras: Headlights, sprung fenders, kickstand, dual battery option (+ $ 400)
Ghost S.

It is not a scam

The biggest hurdle in downhill riding is primarily the ascent. While the die-hard drivers whiz up the mountain with their own legs, some take a car shuttle or a ski lift to the top. Surprisingly, this is not viewed as “cheating,” and with this precedent, more and more riders are jumping into the sport on an electric bike to help up the mountain.

The Specter S is the latter.

Bafang M620

Uphill, no sweating

Going up the hill in the Specter was weird. The bike itself weighs 83.61 pounds. Combined with myself, water, and camera gear, we weigh around 300 pounds. The scorching heat of the summer sun burned over 100 degrees, and the sparse cover of short desert trees provided only partial relaxation. Nevertheless, and in the rocky terrain of the ATV trail, the Specter S climbed like a hungry moose.

Specter S double battery

Core of the topic

The core of the Specter’s performance is the Bafang M620 motor, which is itself the flagship of the Bafang product range. The M620 motor has a regal abundance of specifications: mid-drive, 1000 W, torque sensor, 160 Nm torque and both gas and pedal assistance. In layman terms, the engine has great balance, power, utility, feels intuitive, and is used in high performance cargo bikes, mountain bikes, and high speed bikes alike.

The torque-dependent pedal support of the motor is an outstanding feature for climbing use. With a pressure on the feet, the electrical system would deliver a power perfectly matched to the pressure of the pedals. The predictability and immediacy of the torque sensor provided perfect performance in almost all conditions. The combination of intuition and technology makes this motor an excellent motor for rough and varied conditions, which a cadence-based motor simply cannot.

Specter S gearbox

Mechanical equipment

Combined with the power pack motor is a Sram NX 11-speed rear derailleur and an 11 to 42 tooth cassette. The Sram NX is at the top of the enthusiast ladder for performance; higher, and it would be in a professional degree. The comparable Shimano Deore groupset is a bit more reliable because in my case I had to readjust the lever spring while driving. Nonetheless, the system was perfectly connected to the engine, mainly due to the displacement detection combined with the engine.

Battery silliness

This moose from an engine was actually hungry as the dual battery system was eaten alive. Equipped with two batteries, the Specter I Ride carried 2x 48V 14ah batteries, which provided 1.3 kWh of energy. After about three miles of rough terrain (4.8 km) the display showed 80% capacity. Climbing continuously in the toughest conditions, I might have seen a range of 12 miles. The Specter S chugged along with this estimate and used around five times the battery of an average eBike on the road. Realistically, we don’t worry about efficiency under these conditions. However, I consider it my duty to point out that the range stated on the EUNORAU website (80 miles / 128 km) is to be understood as the maximum road traffic maximum.

80 miles in that seat doesn’t sound good

Downhill fight

Turning around and bombing downhill was an absolute blast! In the video, I talked about the forward angle of the front tire, which allowed for a more controlled and predictable descent. The Specter S delivered a real downhill hit, with enough thrills and chills to wow just about anyone. Much of the chills came from the inadequate pads and brakes. It is quite normal for bicycles to be factory-fitted with a set of brake pads, which is a “starter” set. Similar to cheap production tires on a car, these pads are often replaced with a much more robust set after the brakes wear out. However, combined with the inadequate brakes, it made for an experience on the trail.

The Specter S uses a hydraulic double piston disc brake with a 180mm disc. While these type of brakes are perfectly adequate for a hardtail mountain bike, light cargo bike, or even a city commuter, they don’t cut the mustard in the demanding applications for which the Specter S is otherwise so good. If EUNORAU had opted for a larger brake disc to divert these deposits, had opted for cooling fins or even a quad piston brake caliper, the bloated weight of this bike could ride down even higher climbs. In my experience, the brakes were tapped by the heat of the descent of about 1,500 feet over three miles.

Insufficient downhill brakes

One final point of interest is the legality of the Specter S. Since it has a 1000W mid-drive motor, top speed of 55 km / h, and a throttle, it is slightly outside of the eBike classifications that are established in many states and communities. The bike is not entirely illegal. I rode the Specter up and down an ATV trail that allowed dirt bikes, side-by-side, and even jeeps to ride legally. I really don’t have much more to say than be careful and be legal. More eBike restrictions can be put in place and our industry is not big enough to fight against them.

Elektreks take

Overall, I think the Specter is a great bike for off-road adventure, up some incredible hills and some moderate ones. The price of the bike puts it in a niche category, a rider who wants phenomenal strength to go up a hill but wants to upgrade the brakes to go down a difficult incline. For a single-battery price of $ 3,799, the Specter S is significantly cheaper than many downhill-oriented bikes, but significantly more than other entry-level dual-suspension bikes that realistically aren’t downhill at all.

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