Bianchi’s chic electric mountain bikes and city e-bikes are coming to America

Bianchi’s popular electric bikes are coming to America as the company brings its latest models to the North American market.

Bianchi USA CEO Pat Hus recently unveiled a range of new models at the Marconi Automotive Museum in Tustin, California.

The event was part of a coordinated effort to increase the Italian company’s North American market share after it first launched its products in the EU.

The models presented at the event included electric mountain bikes, touring e-bikes and city e-bikes.

Bianchi has stayed with Bosch as a supplier of its motor and battery systems – a step that has been adopted by many of Europe’s leading manufacturers of electric bicycles.

But unlike many other manufacturers, Bianchi hopes to stand alone with its unique innovations.

As Hus explained to the bike dealer:

“Bianchi didn’t come into the e-ike area with a me-too product, it’s innovative, it’s different, it has a look, it has a story, I’m so happy with what we’ve done. There is a new vision here today, and you will get a feel for it today, with new leadership in Italy and the US. We introduce Bianchi LIF-e, inspiration and innovation for a new electromobility and lifestyle collection. “

The Bianchi type FX e-mountain bikes have a cast aluminum frame and 29-inch wheels. Their Bosch mid-drive motors reach speeds of 20 mph (32 km / h), which means these models are called Class 1 e-bikes and are the most approved e-bikes on U.S. trails.

Interestingly, the FX-Type frames have LED lighting integrated directly into the frame – a movement that we only see on some off-road e-bikes. Such integrated lighting is much more common with city bike frames.

With a top speed of 45 km / h, Bianchi’s T-Type touring electric bikes have a little more momentum in their stride. These higher speeds are made possible by Bosch’s class 3 electric motors, which use the highest speeds permitted under US e-bike laws. Touring e-bikes are often ridden both on and off-road. Higher speeds when used on the road help ensure that the bikes excel in commuting roles and are still suitable for riding on the trail.

A spring-loaded seat post included in the scope of delivery as well as an integrated luggage rack and luggage rack holder make the bicycles even better suited for this purpose.

bianchi e-omnia

Finally, Bianchi’s C-Type offers similar specifications to the T-Type, but includes a more step-through frame that is easier to assemble and disassemble. When the luggage rack is heavily loaded, the step-through frame can make getting on and off an unwieldy e-bike much easier.

The C-Type also offers a more comfortable and more upright sitting position thanks to its handlebar bent backwards. This helps city drivers to get a better overview of the road and possible dangers in their vicinity.

As you can imagine, Bianchi’s e-Omnia range of e-bikes isn’t going to be cheap. The C, T, and FX-Type models are expected to retail for $ 5,700, $ 6,000, and $ 7,500, respectively.

Availability should begin sometime in July or August 2021, so excited new drivers in North America won’t have to wait long.

The company also said it expects new models in 2022, including in new disciplines like electric gravel bikes.

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