Beautiful new e-bikes with automatic transmission and belt drive at attractive prices beautiful

There is a new Dutch e-bike company that brings classic European flair. Veloretti from Amsterdam has just presented its first two electric bike models, and both are eye-catchers.

The new Veloretti Ace and Ivy models unveiled today combine classic Dutch bike styling with the latest in e-bike technology.

The Ivy is the more traditional entry-level that comes to mind when imagining Dutch bikes, while the Ace is a more traditional, urban, commuter-oriented e-bike with a high-tier diamond frame.

Both motorcycles are equipped with a Bafang mid-drive motor, which is activated by a torque sensor, and have the largest performance badge that the company may use under European regulations: 250 watts.

The same EU regulations mean that the e-bikes are throttled and reach top speed at 25 km / h (15.5 mph).

While Veloretti has done everything to exhaust the admittedly low performance data as much as possible, the real beauty lies in the design and the selection of components.

The Ivy model impresses with its white tires and leather touchpoints. The company didn’t even go for whitewalls – they’re solid white rubber tires. We ignore the fact that the tread will never be as white as it was on the day of delivery and instead focus on the loadout.

Hydraulic disc brakes provide plenty of braking power in both the Ivy and Ace models. A small screen offers turn-by-turn navigation and connectivity via GPS, and 4G enables advanced features such as accident detection, anti-theft tracking and over-the-air updates (OTA).

The LED lights on the bikes are nicely integrated into the frame, as are the 510 Wh batteries, which supposedly offer a range of 60-120 km.

The battery feeds a mid-drive motor setup, which means that the pedal and electric drive train are intertwined, unlike an e-bike with a hub motor.

A carbon belt drive from Gates – one of the leading providers in the belt drive industry for electric bicycles – serves as the connection between the motor and the rear wheel.

At the other end of this belt drive is an Enviolo hub. Not only is it a CVT that offers stepless shifting, it’s also the company’s automatic version.

Other bikes with the same automatic shift hubs and Gates belt drive systems are priced closer to $ 4,500.

But Veloretti comes out with more than fair prices: only € 2,399 or $ 2,860.

Not that you can buy one in US dollars. Currently the bikes are only available in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in July of this year.

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