$ 649 GOTRAX Endura E-Bike is not perfect, but it gets rid of it!

The GOTRAX Endura electric bike is the answer to the question “Which e-bike would you recommend if I want to spend as little money as possible but don’t want to get a bunch of junk?”

It’s nowhere near the best e-bike I’ve tested, but it still scores with the combination of good enough parts with a super-affordable price of $ 649. I’ve tested e-bikes that cut too many corners and this one isn’t one of them. It makes some sacrifices that we’ll discuss, but it still brings a solid win in the end.

As much fun as premium e-bikes are, their high prices can unfortunately limit such unusual e-bikes to riders who are lucky enough to be able to afford this luxury.

E-bikes at an affordable price bring the common man similar joy, convenience, and utility. And GOTRAX knows a thing or two about making budget-conscious electric two-wheelers.

I have been using GOTRAX electric scooters for several years, both for work and personally for my own needs in the city.

GOTRAX has made a name for itself in the electric scooter industry as a simple, ready-to-use electric scooter that can do most of what the fancier scooters can – for a fraction of the price.

Now is the time to see if they can do the same for electric bikes.

To see the GOTRAX Endura in action and hear my thoughts on the e-bike, check out my video review below. Or just keep reading as I break it down for you in the rest of my review.

GOTRAX Endura e-bike video test

Technical data of the GOTRAX Endura e-bike

  • Engine: 250W rear hub motor
  • Top speed: 15 mph (25 km / h)
  • Area: Takes up to 28 miles (45 km)
  • Battery: 36V 7.5Ah (270Wh)
  • weight: 54 pounds (24.5 kg)
  • Load capacity: 265 lb (120 kg)
  • Frame: Aluminum alloy 6061
  • Brakes: Mechanical disc brakes
  • Extras: Minimalistic LED dot display with battery indicator and PAS charge level indicator, including luggage rack and mudguards, gas and pedal assistance, LED headlights

GOTRAX expands its scooter lineup to include e-bikes

Scooters are handy little two-wheeled electric vehicles, but they just don’t have much going for them.

E-bikes, on the other hand, have much more to offer. There are two independent drivetrains, more points of contact, bigger wheels, more cable runs, suspension, etc. So it’s not that easy to add to the GOTRAX scooter experience.

Still, I’d say they did a pretty good job here. The Endura is a comfortable bike to ride, and you wouldn’t guess it only costs $ 649. In other words, it doesn’t ride like a cheap bike.

I’ll say I’m more impressed with the quality of the electric side of the bike than the mechanical side of things, and we’ll address the reasons for that. But let’s start with the electronics.

Right off the bat, I can tell you that the performance isn’t exciting thanks to the power-saving 250W motor and 36V on-board electrical system, but it still works pretty well. It won’t get your adrenaline pumping, but it will give you a smooth, leisurely ride.

The pedal assistance makes for a nice, relaxed thrust and the throttle makes me lazy when I want the bike to do most of the work. The Endura only has a 270 Wh battery, which is rather small for today’s conditions, so I rode with pedal assistance in order to get as much range out of the battery as possible. But with a top speed of 25 km / h, even driving at top speed with only gas does not put too much strain on the battery. And let’s be honest: With such a low-power engine, we’re not talking about a lot of electrical muscles.

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